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Camp Arkansas church of Christ

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Latest News

Our news events are kept current
and we like to keep our information
out to everyone


We have had several who have been sick, or in hospital, nursing homes, accidents, cancer. These need  your prayers.
We now have our new pews and new carpet in our auditorium, we had a flood a few months ago which damaged part of the floor which had to be replaced, Pray for us in this endevour.
Thanks to brothers Charles Butler and Jack Walling for replacing the floor and siding on our bathrooms from flood and termite damage.



Church News

Each Sunday, I have the privilege of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ at Camp, Arkansas; it truely has been a rewarding experience for 41 years at different congregations in Missouri and Arkansas,  I invite you to come and worship with us each Lord's day at Camp,  you can be fed with the spiritual food that Christ offers you toward salvation.    We are a small congregation with 20-30 members and attendees, we have at least one gospel meeting each year. We have a few mission works we support and two children's homes at Morrelton and Paragould Arkansas. In Christian love, Eric Lewis



Mother's day is here again, the precious ladies the Lord gave us as the giver of our life, the care giver in sickness, the homemaker and especially the mother. Eve started the tradition of motherhood by giving birth to her son. If you still have a mother, show her your love and honor this day.

Let us attend all the gospel meetings we have the opportunities that come our way.

The truck from the children's home at Paragould, Ark runs evey 3 months, their next trip to our area will be in May. The Ice storm did a lot of devistation to our Missouri and Arkansas area and it will take a long time for us to recover from that, with the Lord's help we can perservere PH 4:13


The Lord's church at Camp, Arkansas invites you
to visit us and hear the gospel of Christ